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houseofel.pngSo we’re less than a month away from the season 7 premier of Smallville and I am starting to get antsy. There is still no trailer out and with summaries for episodes 1-6 already posted all over the web there really isn’t much else to look forward to in terms of news. So with 29 days until the season starts Smallville fans are left to speculate on theories and rehash old seasons.

Speaking of theories, a bit of excitement and just one more indication of how big of a nerd I am, on Friday I posted my theory/discovery about Lana Lang having a clone in the upcoming season. I also sent my theory and the screen grab to Starkville’s House Of El in an email. Well, much to my surprise they read it on their podcast and posted the image in the AAC! It really made my week. It was awesome. It’s pretty cool when you actually get a response to an email. Those guys just solidified a fan for life. If you haven’t already went to their site you should check it out. They run a pretty tight discussion of the show and all things Superman. If you would like to hear them read my question and discuss it briefly download episode 56 Deceit. My email is read with about 6 or 8 minutes left in the show. Get the AAC version if you have iTunes because they include pictures and web links in the little pop up window.

As always Smallville fans post comments and blog sites. Us nerds have to stick together.


2 Responses to “More Smallville”

  1. There was a small ad during an airing of Nemesis this week, that showed the new Kara, Lana, Lex (with a little hair) and Clark, but it wasn’t a clip of a show, just a little something saying the new season is coming soon. It’s not enough, I know, but at least it showed life beyond the spoilers.

  2. Us Smallville fans do have to stick together! Congrats on getting the email read.

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