Lana Lang is a clone?


So I may be way late on this one but I was just watching Phantom, the last episode of Smallville season 6 and I noticed something that I hadn’t before. When Lex is in his Evil Lab talking to his scientists about the body that has just been brought in, once possessed by the phantom he needs to build his army, he walks over to look at his army of clones. Selects a particular section of clones and turns the lights on it. If you look close you can see long hair fall down. See screen grab. Could this be the Lana clone that has been buzzing around the net? According to the interview on Voice from Krypton with Miles Millar, Lana and Clark are going to get a “real shot” at being together. What kind of shot will Clark have? One with Lana or one with the clone? What did Lex want the clone for anyway. Was he killing the clone so that Clark would give up on Lana? Did he kill the real Lana and the clone has taken her place? Ahhhh I can’t figure it out. What are your thoughts?

You can find more Smallville info out at the following sites to hear more about the Lana clone theory.

House Of El Podcast


Redcape Music


Yeah so I’m soooo gooood. Last night my suspicions were correct. Lana was cloned. But why? Why would Lex want to Clone Lana? Also this begs the question, is Lana telling the whole truth? You can reag my Kara recap here Let me know what you think.


7 Responses to “Lana Lang is a clone?”

  1. Maybe that explains why after she sees Clark and then goes to tell Lex she’s leaving, her hair is changed! No, that’s just speculation. I don’t want the clone thing to happen. It’s really corny, if you ask me. Unless they can use a Lana double to seduce Bizarro and they can live happily ever after.

  2. I didn’t even notice. It reminds me of when Lois was cloned on “Lois and Clark”…either way, I know the show’s creative team will make it work.

    I’m a big Smallville fan as well, btw. My Name is David. Found you through Carlos is/was my worship pastor.
    I hope we can talk about Smallville this fall!

  3. maby as soon as lex hit lana she planned to run away to china, but when she went to the car when the truck pasted ,they switched lanas so the real one went to china and the clone was left blown up, i mean they did find lana in the car propbaly burnt(fake) and i think its got to do with lex,i think he was the one cloning and lional told lana, is it possible that lional new bout lana all along,i guess we will have to keep watching. and who was the one that pulled lional away from what happened with the dam?hmm……

  4. Lana Lang was cloned! She put a “dead” clone in the seat of her car got into the mail truck and went off to China!

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