The Evolution Of The Box


Being a graphic designer by trade, it’s important to keep up with what’s happening in the design world. It never ceases to amaze me how simple elegant and beautiful design can be. It is also quite amazing how a simple object such as a box can evolve over the years. When I was in school everyone just jumped on the new aesthetic the way most of us kids in the 80’s jumped on the new Air Jordans when they came out. It was astounding how different treatments would change and evolve into something just a little different. How the simplest of shapes would be tweeked to give it a new dynamic. The best place to find examples of this shape evolution is on the internet. Websites are forever reinventing the wheel. The box has been altered so many time over the years. The above example are just a few illustrations of boxes I have used or seen used from the last year of college to now, two years into my professional career. Of course there are so many more examples, too many to show in fact. However as reckless as the box has been used it seems that it’s back to simpler times in design. After looking through the latest issue of Print magazine, I was surprised to see the treatment of the box back as God intended. Four pointed corners, and a solid color, or a thick stroke. It looked peaceful. It looked complete. I found this back to basics approach refreshing and encouraging. For a while design methods were crazy and complicated. A designer pulled out all their tricks just to make an order form or a business card. Now it seems the proper use of type and a simple shape and color do the trick. It’s nice. Another trend that has seem to been given a new sophistication is the gradient. Once deemed as the tell tale sign of a “noobie” who like to use painter, has been resurrected to show depth and life to the simplest forms. However I will save that for another post.

FART………Sorry I was feeling a little pretentious, I needed to bring myself down to earth a bit.


4 Responses to “The Evolution Of The Box”

  1. Geeze.. where did you go to school? C.C.S or something? Snob 😉

  2. haha ha…great post…I love a regular box…but i really love the 2 corner rounded one…my fave.

  3. Ha! The fart has gotten you too! Who will be next bitten by my nefarious Fart plop .. I mean plot?

    I’m no graphic artist, but I’ve always loved gradients for the exact reasons you mentioned. Used well, they can really make an image feel more vibrant, more alive than common flat tonals.

    My favorite box has always been the ones under my Christmas tree!

  4. Great Post! Didn’t mind the pretentiousness one bit.

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