Fantasy Football & The Redneck Revolution


So tonight is my LIVE online draft for Fantasy Football. I was invited by another blogger, Josh Brown from iamjoshbrown. This marks another crazy example of online friendship. You know the blogging community is so cool. I really can’t get over it. Because of this blog I have met so many cool people. I am really looking forward to the trash talking and overall good manly fun that is bred from the FF. So tonight at 7:00 Pm I will be glued to my eMac with all my sheets and stats and books, ready to bring home another championship. Did I mention this will be my second league? I’m also in a FFL with the great comish, Mudpuppy. Unfortunately, I am missing the LIVE draft for that league. I’m not worried though. The last time I missed the draft I won it all. So good luck to all the guys drafting tonight. It should be a hoot.


5 Responses to “Fantasy Football & The Redneck Revolution”

  1. i just sent you a trade proposal. think about it

  2. you’re going down like a bad habit.

    that’s 80s trash talk for you.


    Check out this year’s “Madden Curse” victim! Here’s a hint…It’s not Michael Vick.

  4. […] Movies , Life , Blogging I’ve never been able to partake in the great male pastime of Fantasy Sports but now I have my chance through the nerdiness of my love for […]

  5. Thought you might enjoy this fantasy football video after coming across your blog.


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