SMALLVILLE revisited….again


So it is clear by now that I like Superman and all things associated with him. Smallville is no different. Last year for Christmas I got seasons 1-4 and after watching them all in a month I bought season 5. Great show. Ever since season 6 ended I have been going through major withdraws. I constantly check a laundry list of sites for news, information, and spoilers. I just can’t get enough. The last month I have been reading Harry Potter, and it pretty much filled my “me time”, (when the wife goes to bed), that happens from 10 pm to 12 or 1 am on any given night. Now that Harry is done and “me time” open, I found myself cracking open season 1 of Smallville. Man I love that show. I watched 2 episodes last night and it’s like seeing an old friend. I should mention that this will be my THIRD time through the seasons. I say all that to ask this. Is there anyone else out there that likes the show? If so I would love to do episode recaps and discussions when the new season starts September 27th. So please let me know. Who knows, may be I will just do it and you guys can chime in whenever you have something to say.

In the meantime here is a little link love/dump of all the sites I check everyday.
House Of El Podcast (Probably the best podcast for Smallville)
KryptonSite (Best online site for news and spoilers)
Smallville Town Of The Weird (Out of date but a lot of cool info on past seasons.)
Redcape Music (Not the greatest site but sometimes have info before everyone else.)


3 Responses to “SMALLVILLE revisited….again”

  1. you like superman? huh…didn’t know

  2. Yeah this is my favorite show, watched it since its release, i dont watch it on TV though, i always wait for dvd.

    I have all seasons so far but im mad about season 8, no more lex luthor, the actor is leaving. You cant replace him!!

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