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So the wife and I enjoyed the rainy day yesterday by laying around and watching some movies. It was actually very relaxing because the last few weeks and days have been packed with all kinds of things. So we moved the old coffee table blew up the ol’ air mattress and Becca, Daisy (our three year old English Bulldog) and I sprawled out and watched some good American cinema.


This movie came on the high recommendation of half the women in my entire family, that right there should’ve clued me in on what I was about to experience. The Movie started really ominous the way a lot of not linear plot lines do. You really don’t know what is going on and it doesn’t get much better. Everything really seemed flat in this movie. Not a lot of emotion. The actors really seemed to “mail in their performance, which is sad because I like Sandra Bullock. In the end when all was said and done the movie had HUGE plot holes. As cool as the director thought he was at mimicking a lot of non linear movies such as Momento, Pulp Fiction, or even the Sixth Sense (which was pretty linear, but made sense when you went back and watched it again), there is one key ingredient. The movie has to add up when you put all the pieces together. You can’t just dice up a movie and mix all the pieces and then tie a bow on the end and hope people don’t notice. There was no bigger analogy for this movie than the handful of shots of the unfinished puzzle the kids were putting together in the film. I think the director subconsciously put that in there to represent his movie because that is precisely what he made. I would love for someone who has seen this movie explain to me all these plot holes. So feel free to leave your explanations in the comments. Overall the movie would have been really good if it made sense.

Hannibal Rising:

I had really low expectations going into this one but had heard it was really well done. My hesitation in seeing this film mainly revolved around the fact that Anthony Hopkins was not associated with this film. There is no Hannibal without him… I thought. This movie was awesome on so many levels. It went back to the beginning. It explained how Hannibal became the monster we know and love. It also explained how/why Hannibal enjoyed eating the rude. Gaspard Ulliel, who played Hannibal in the film was awesome. He nailed the roll. The manor isms, the way he talked, his sense of humor all shined in this movie. The plot was very entertaining as well. It had an action movie story of revenge feel to it but at the same time it was more intelligent and thought out. It felt as though you were watching Hannibal from a distance and at times very close up. Some might not want to be that close to the man eater but for those who love the series and the genera will love it. Although gruesome throughout, I highly recommend this movie.


3 Responses to “Movies Reviewed”

  1. Yo, I was very interested in seeing Premonition when it first was advertised, but after reading several bad reviews about it I have decided to skip this one. Just so you know, Premonition is a remake of a Japanese film. I hear the Japanese version is much better if you don’t mind subtitles. I completely agree with you about Hannibal Rising! I was very hesitant about this one, but after seeing it I loved it. They obviously could not have cast Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal this time but I think Gaspard did an awesome job. My favorite “Hannibal Lecter” movies in order would be:
    1. The Silence of the Lambs
    2. Red Dragon / Hannibal Rising (couldn’t decide)
    3. Manhunter (No Anthony Hopkins, still better than Hannibal)
    4. Hannibal (Crappy movie!!!!!! BOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNGGG!!!!)

  2. “You can’t just dice up a movie and mix all the pieces and then tie a bow on the end and hope people don’t notice.”

    LOL! This is SO true.

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