russdesk.jpgSo Russ is gone to Cincinnati for the weekend. It sucks on so many levels. First off, no Seinfeld or Mud and Steel. Secondly, no one to talk to at work really. I have to eat lunch by myself. I am one guy short in an all Female office. I am one guy short for the 3:00 pm walk. Most of all I am short one buddy. I get it though. He needs his family time. I understand that, considering I see him more than he sees his family (8 hours a day 5 days a week plus for about 3 hours on Sunday.) Another thing that stinks is tomorrow is the NewSong Softball Tournament. As long as I have been playing softball with the church, the Mud has always been there. We used to crash at his house between games. Not this year. I was even planning to do a very special edition of Mud and Steel Softball Today: Tournament edition. But a lass it is not to be. So I must carry on. I must walk the road alone. I must look within myself for strength. I must center my chi. I must find a place to go for lunch!


Anyone want to buy me lunch…..I’m free.


6 Responses to “Buddies”

  1. Eat all his Pez and M&Ms while he’s gone.


  3. pastorhawkins Says:

    …shoulda given me a call for lunch. Who says you can’t crash at his place? I’ve got keys!

  4. Hey thanks for the offer. Yeah I know where the key the keys are but I went and spent some time with Cousin Levi. It was a good time.

  5. *sniff sniff*

    I’ll be back soon! Win one for the old skipper!!

    (Gotta love a campsite w/ wifi!)

  6. all his pez are belong to us

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