You know I was so close. I almost made it without posting about this, this of course being Barry Bonds record breaking home run. With every fiber of my being I wanted this event to pass without my mention as a fart in the wind if you will. I simply didn’t want to give the man anymore ink or in this case pixel than humanly possible. I know, I know, I’m being a little spiteful. Guilty. However I will say this, I really feel like the aroma of suspicion from Major League Baseball about the legitimacy of this great record in sports was present at the game in which said record was broken. I mean come on, Bud was no where to be found. Hammering Hank was there, but via the jumbo tron, and you can’t get any lamer than fireworks during the day. Maybe in my mind I feel like that was baseballs response to the record. It’s uncomfortable nod at an accomplishment in question. Whatever the case, I look at it this way. The record was made to be broken, and I find it hard to believe that the record will hold with A-ROD still sluggin like he does at such a young age.

So I say all that to say this, Barry enjoy your accomplishment while it lasts, you know the truth and as long as you can live with that I can wait in peace for it to be broken by someone lagit.


2 Responses to “*”

  1. I think A-rod will beat the record at some time.

  2. I have my cell phone set to text me the score of Buccaneer’s games. I’d turn it off but i forgot my password onlien and am too lazy to call in and wait on hold for hours just to do it. Anyhow, out of the blue, I get this text message from Alltel telling me Bonds broke the record.

    At 11:50 something PM in the freaking night!!!

    Like I cared.

    but they didn’t have an asterisk next to it.

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