Dry Well

thewell.jpgSo a creators arch nemesis would have to be a creative block, a dry well if you will. For the past few days (weeks really) I have been feeling less than blah. Not really sure what starts it. I have noticed it has had an affect on my work as well as my blog. I think a lot has to do with anxiety compounded with laziness, but whatever the reason I hope to open up a little of my creative boundaries to bring you faithful readers to read. There are literally a million blogs out there that you guys can read and you can’t read them all. I am honored that you use your time to come here. The least I can do is give you something to read. So I will go back to the lab and see what I can come up with.


3 Responses to “Dry Well”

  1. Fart posts always go over well! ~.^

  2. ha i love fart posts…

  3. I’ll help you out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKI_xsfvEi0

    Support my co-worker’s fart humor.

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