After Midnight Project: The Becoming


So my friends from the left coast are releasing their second EP The Becoming today and I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t post about it. Not just because I designed this nifty Web Banner for them and a lot of other cool stuff, but because I really do love their music. It sill shocks me that of all the over produced one trick pony bands on the radio now a days these guys still remain unsigned and unknown. So take a listen to a sample of these guys and show them some love. You can buy their cd here or on iTunes. Also, to hear more you can visit their myspace page. Show them some love.

Here is one of the song of this EP it’s called The Real Thing″

2 Responses to “After Midnight Project: The Becoming”

  1. I’m not much of a music lover, but I liked that song. It kinda reminds of some of the mid-80’s rock beats mixed with the more modern style of soft vocals and multiple change-ups. If I were an iPod kinda gal, I’d prolly grab their music.

  2. definitely a heavy sound, I liked it.

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