How Do You Spell War………O U C H!


So I am sure many of you would like to know how the Hell Survivors went. Well I would have to say that pictures are worth a thousand words. I will say that I had a ton of fun, well that is until I got bunkered in a house with only one way out, through a firing squad. The above shoulder wound is a good example of someone “shooting hot”, which means they cranked their gun illegally over 300fps. When I walk out of the dead zone, (where all the dead guys go after they are shot) everyone was starring at me. When I showed the ref what happen to my shoulder he was stunned and proceded to drag me around the camp showing everyone “The worst wound he ever saw.” After making about five stops to show all his buddies the freak, we finally went to the first aid station. The girl at the station gave me a purple heart medal. It’s for all the soldiers that get wounds that draw blood.

So yeah other than that I had a lot of fun. It was really intense and not just because we were camping, but because of all the people. The crazy point was when we took the city. We literally had about 100-200 guys storming this village. Although the experience was how I picture Vietnam, a bunch of guys just shooting into the woods where everyone else seems to be shooting. No confirmed kills because you can’t see anyone. Over the whole two days I had three confirmed kills. Basically I saw what I was shooting at and kept shooting until he raised his hands and walked out. Overall it was pretty sweet thought. I wish I had more pictures from the event but after lugging about 40lbs of equipment around all day the last thing I wanted was something else to carry. One thing is for sure. I’ve had my fill of paintball for the year.


Paintball is the gift that keeps on giving. I now have poison ivy on my shoulder and arms and a little spot on my face. War is hell.


13 Responses to “How Do You Spell War………O U C H!”

  1. Holy cow dude! That must still hurt? One of those wounds looks like it could be infected. Have you gotten checked out by a medical doctor?

  2. Yow! Looks like you found your kryptonite, dude…

  3. I think it’s proper to credit the photographer in these types of situations.

  4. Yeah Russ you captured the moment quite nicely. The lighting is excellent, you can really see the damaged flesh left behind by the little paint filled wrecking ball.

  5. Looks like you got hickeys from a deranged lamprey!

  6. That’s what I said. Reminded me off a dude I had a class with in 9th grade.

  7. paintball is fun. We should get the men’s group together to play.

  8. OK, that really looks like the beginning stages of leprosy. Sounds like you had a blast will have a small tattoo for a reminder!

  9. “War and Peace was originally titled, War, What Is It Good For? ” – Elaine

  10. “…absolutely nothin’ HUH”

  11. That looks like it may hurt but at least you had fun.

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