Batman:The Dark Knight


So I heard about the Dark Knight movie a while ago. The first news came when Heath Ledger was announced to play the Joker. I had mixed feelings about this decision but you never know with people. They can surprise you. So today I was listening to a Smallville podcast and apart from talking about the new season, they spoke a little on the new Batman movie that is coming out next summer. So this peaked my interest to do a little digging. I found the new images at of the Joker. I must say very impressive. It looks as if they are taking this iconic comic book character into a more realistic direction. It looks as though the permanent “smile” the Joker wears is not actually him smiling due to a botched plastic surgery job in the Burton film, but from scar tissue. Also in the teaser trailer his voice is very different and so is the laugh. Very haunting if you ask me. IMHO The Joker is the baddest of the bad when it comes to villains. There is none worse in my mind. I think it’s because he is so crazy and nonchalant when it comes to his actions. Anyway, this movie just got a lot of points on my must see factor. I can’t wait to see what else comes out.

Watch the teaser trailer here.


11 Responses to “Batman:The Dark Knight”

  1. I’m right there with you man!! Watching and hearing this gets me all excited. I remember standing in line to see Batman back in the day… which by the way we’ll be watching inbetween Seinfeld discs… which means beginning Wednesday!!

    Oh, I got a live one here!

  2. OH YEAH MAN>>>i saw that too…i cant wait…batman begins as far as im concerned is the only batman ever made…

  3. Jason – hey man, I’m the host of SHoE and just wanted to say thanks for listening, we always appreciate listeners who link us and discuss what we are talking about.
    I did however want to let you know that while that YouTube “teaser” you have embedded in your post is somewhat well done and looks believable; it is indeed a fake. And a good one at that. Just thought I’d let ya know, you might have already discovered it yourself.
    Thanks again man!

  4. Derek,
    First off it is an honor for you to have visited my little blog. The show is awesome. Being a huge Superman fan (obviously) it is a real treat to listen to your show. I can’t get enough of it. Secondly, I kinda figured the trailer I embedded was a fake, but I just couldn’t resist that voice. So awesome. So anyway, thanks again for stopping by. I look forward to the next podcast.

  5. Christian Symbols and Christian Resources

    Sorry, it just sounds like a crazy idea for me 🙂

  6. hells ya! Joker kicks ads

  7. Hey, great page, loving all the Dark Knight stuff and getting all excited now about the movie.

    Interesting that the vid is a fake but we all still love it …… a big thread about the Dark Knight on my forum if you guys are interested 🙂 Would love to hear from any of you.,2079.0.html

  8. Omg, sorry if tht was spamming? Didn’t mean it to be, was just loving your page that’s all sorry xx

  9. To bad heath ledger is dead he did such a good job

  10. anyone know that song called?

  11. […] I first started writing about the Dark Knight almost a year ago. At the time I had heard whispers about the film. How Nolan was following through with his teaser at […]

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