I’m being shipped out to war

monsterlogo_small.jpgSo tomorrow I am shipping off to Pinckney to enlist in the Hell Survivors Monster Game. This is a huge paintball battle with over 2,000 people. So basically I am going to run around shooting at 1,000 strangers dressed in cammo. This epic fire fight will last for 8 hours a day for 2 days. My buddy Todd has been wanting me to go to this thing for like 2 years now. So Friday night we’re gonna be camping and resting up for battle that begins at 9am. This place is crazy. There are tanks and trucks and airplanes and everything you can think of. It’s nuts. I’m not super huge into paintball but I love playing. I think I would be into more if it weren’t so expensive. Needless to say I am getting pretty excited. Hopefully I don’t come home too beat up. So pray for me and my skinny white body.


3 Responses to “I’m being shipped out to war”

  1. wow that is nuts…have fun dude

  2. Always have wanted ot paintball, but … I’m decrepit, broke, and have the accuracy of palsied, nearsighted jellyfish!

    Have fun, and peg a few for me!


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