An Ode To The CERT

301911.jpgOh the cert. Russ and I were just at the gas station next to our work. We take a walk there everyday at 3. Often times we pick things up and look at them and it often leads to some type of idiotic dialog. Today was no different. It just so happen that today Russ picked up some Certs in a little circle tin. It was pretty flashy. Despite it’s space age packaging it took me back to a much simpler time. A time when I was 7 and a regular Sunday member of the C of C. You see there were four types of food consumed on the “First Day Of The Week”. The Lord Supper, Cheerios in a plastic baggy, Gum, and Certs. Certs were always the last option. I can remember leaning down the pew past my sister. “Hey Ma. Ma…….”MOM!” “You got any gum?” “No”, she would reply. So I’d turn around in the pew and lean over my shoulder. “Hey Gramma.” “You got any gum?” She didn’t either. In desperate times the cert, like Grandma was always there. It was plan B in my repertoire to keep myself occupied during church. Again I would lean over. “Hey Gramma.” “You got any Certs.” Grandma always had certs. Oh CERTS, you are the crack of Church time passing. I remember popping that little beauty into my mouth with a blast of flavorful excitement. Ahhhh Cinnamon how your heat brought me out of the pit of boredom. So I say here’s to you cert and here’s to you Grandma for always having’em.


9 Responses to “An Ode To The CERT”

  1. OH SWEET LORD…that was def. my crack of choice…I love the fruity ones…mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Don’t forget lifesavers, those where our fourth choice

  3. …get the Mudpuppy to tell you his story of weekly treks to Rosebud and our sweet stop at the gas station along the way….it is a precious memory too…

  4. My family church crack was … Velamints!

    And, Steel .. that was the funniest post I’ve read i na while! I’m still laughing. ^.^

  5. Hey thanks Raivynn. Coming from you that is a huge compliment. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Alright I repent, let’s get back to the Mud and Steel Webisodes! I know that I don’t have much room to talk but brother you have some serious bordom issues! B4T

  7. I was 7 Doug. Give me a little slack brother. Just because cavemen were still chewing on tree bark when you were 7 doesn’t mean you have to slam a 7 year old’s attention span. Oh and BTW when you would preach or lead singing for that matter I need two certs and a pack a gum to get me through it.

  8. wow, that was a harsh comeback steel! Loved it! I enjoyed your post as well! “repetwa” LOL.

  9. You know, I was thinking. I know what you are but what am I. THERE! B4T

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