Do You Buy The Hype.

When any documentary is made it is made to prove a point. No one makes a documentary and at the end says “Oh crap we were so wrong about this.” Or “Wait a minute it’s really not that bad.” I don’t want to sound naive about the state of our world, but at the same time I believe God is in control of all things. So what do you think? Is this how the world ends? Do we use up all our resources and destroy the gifts God gave us? I’m not sure.


6 Responses to “Do You Buy The Hype.”

  1. looks interesting…dont get me worng I think we can do better as the human race, but what people forget is environmental disasters have been happening for a long long time…And most arent recorded….Uh noah…

    I think we need to be good stewards of what God gave us but belief that this is the end of the world is foolish…only God knows…

  2. Yes we need to take care of the earth a little better, but I honestly don’t believe that the environment is as bad as HOLLYWOOD wants us to believe. You want an eye opening on how shady Hollywood can be watch “This Film Has Not Been Rated.”

  3. Something that leaves “no room for debate” especially when it is a “projection” makes me question its true intentions.

  4. My view is that Earth is in a natural cycle of climitological change. Humans have not helped the situation, and as Klampert says, we have not been very good stewards. I do beleive God is in control, but you have to wonder if these things ARE signs that we must make a change.

    If we do nothing, and they are wrong on global warming, et al., we lose nothing.

    If we do nothing, and they are right, we lose everything

    If we do something, and they are wrong, some people may have hardships , and it could really only better things.

    If we do something, and they are right, we may avert global disaster.

    to me, clearly the only right thing to do is to work towards a better future by doing .. something. Dunno what, I ain’t that smart. Plus, i drive an SUV … =/

  5. I do not buy into the load of bunk. Once again Hollywood is on their global warming soapbox in order to create enough hype.

    That said, we can do more like design recyclable products, everything should be able to be recycled, computers, cell phones, battery’s, etc. We should build sustainable buildings and homes utilizing solar and wind power. Jackie and I want our next home to be as close to being off the grid as possible. Many advances have been made in areas like fuel cell technology which utilizes hydrogen.

    But to blame mankind for all the ailments of this Earth shows that is ignorance being portrayed as facts. But if they hound enough times they will get a crowd to listen.

  6. pastorhawkins Says:

    I thought that guy drowned on the Titanic…..

    What complete and total arrogance and ignorance combined.

    According to their own logic, nature is her own worst offender. Millions of acres burn on a regular natural basis. Volcanoes spew more chlorine into the atmostphere in one eruption than all humans have during the entire history of the world!

    I’m all for conservation and good stewardship of what we have….but come on….it’s 11:59? The sky is falling! The sky is falling! I vote we have fried chicken for dinner!

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