So I don’t know about you guys but I hate losing things. I can’t stand the fact that I don’t know what I did with something. The worst part about it is when you have like three or four different ideas where it could be. Like fake memories or wishful thinking you swear you put it right there but it’s gone. Well I’m suffering from that right now. Sometime last week I lost my brand new softball glove. It’s killing me because there are only like 3 places it could be. So I am asking the blog world a few questions. 1. Have you seen my glove? 2. What was something that you lost that drove you insane? 3. What is the best way to jog your memory so that you could find that item? Please help! Oh by the way, my glove was a dark brown 11 1/2 Rawlings for a right hander. Thanks again.


5 Responses to “Lost”

  1. I lost my keys to my bike lock and had to go buy a new one recently, tore the house apart looking for them, and I still couldn’t find them. I also lost my softball glove a couple of years ago, but there are still some boxes in the garage I haven’t dug through yet….

  2. Bat bags aren’t just for looking cool…

    Perhaps it’s under your new computer. Or hanging on that bike you’re supposed to bring me. Or maybe I stole it and sold it on ebay to cover your debts…

    I lost a CD recently and it’s still driving me insane.

  3. I lost my mind once. Still haven’t found it. Been using someone else’s until I can.

    Also, lost items are ALWAYS in the last place you look. Mainly because once you find it, you stop looking. So just look in the last place and you will find it.

    Seriously, I’d say a folder containing a few dozen hand drawn cartoons about Stripes the Cat I did (a Garfield knock-off, i was 14 at the time) along with a complete and full parody of Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and a few dozen pop-music parodies I had written. I think a friend had them last.

  4. Aunt Celeste Says:

    Ok, I can’t resist. Did you say the St. Tony prayer? It works every time – You have to be sincere and believe that St. Anthony – the patron of lost objects (and I believe souls too- will help you find it.
    The Prayer
    Any similar version:
    St. Tony St.Tony please look around, there’s something that’s lost that needs to be found – I add – I’d be grateful for soon! Keep repeating and believing.

  5. i took it.

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