Why should you hurry up and send your orders in for SACKCLOTH?

So I can have the money to get this bad boy printed! It’s like this, we want to have enough money to pay for the next run of shirts so that we can get more designs out for you guys. There are a few ideas I have sketched out and so does Joel but we can’t get them printed until people buy the ones we have for sale now. So those of you that said you were going to buy shirts you can place your orders here. Right now we have like 7 shirts sold for sure with tons of people saying they will buy them but haven’t placed their orders this is your reminder. Let me know what you think of the new design.

This is based on my favorite piece of artwork. The Creation Of Adam from Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. It depicts the personal touch that God gave man. Making him with HIS hands in HIS image.


4 Responses to “Why should you hurry up and send your orders in for SACKCLOTH?”

  1. Slap-happy great design! Wow. 1 of my favs.

  2. ha ha…you said it steel

  3. who knows…this may be our limited edition T.

  4. What about colors? Bright colors on a white t-shirt would look sweet and stand out in a crowd.

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