So about 2 weeks ago I was flipping through Graphic Design America 3 and saw one of the coolest things ever. A company by the name of BAD STUDIO designed a style guide for The Man Of Steel. This guide shows companies how and where to use the logos, patterns, and even Big Blue himself on all sorts of things from T-Shirts to Lunch boxes.

So being the huge fan of good design and Superman of course, I wrote an email to Scott Banks over at BAD STUDIO in Atlanta, GA., telling him how I really liked his work and also the style guide he did for Superman. I also told him that I was a huge fan of Superman and that I would love to have a hard copy for my nerd collection. Within hours of the email Scott replied that he still had some style guides laying around and if he could fine one he would send it my way. So of course I was pumped. So Yesterday I got my style guide in the mail. THANKS SCOTT! It is awesome. Only downside is Scott couldn’t give me the Cds with all the workup files. Understood, but that would have been awesome. Anyway, I just want to thank Scott again for extending his generosity. I really appreciate his time and patience with me. You’re awesome!



2 Responses to “BAD STUDIO Are My Heros”

  1. HOLY CRAP!…I want one…call that guy and tell him i want a batman one.

  2. Very cool for any collector. ^^ Gratz on your newest treasure.

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