Top 10 Songs of the week

So I realize with all this t-shirt business going on I have been lacking in my blogging. I totally missed the Top 5 last week, so this week I am doing my top 10. So here we go.

10. “Apocalypse Please” By Muse. These guys have been sitting in my iTunes for like 3 weeks now. They are so talented. A little political but that’s okay.

9. “Stockholm Syndrome” By Muse. Really crazy guitar work on this one.

8.” Soldier’s Poem” By Muse. This song reminds me of Elvis’ version of “fools rush in”. It’s a very moody song. I bet you can guess what it’s about! Anyway great song.

7. “Lazy Eye” By Silversun Pickups. Can’t get enough of this song

6. “All We Need Is You” By Mr. Charlie Hall. I am so Jacked we are playing this at NewSong on Sunday. I love this song. The words are so simple but guess what…it defines what are attitude should be!

5. “Micah 6:8″ By Mr. Charlie Hall. I will tell you this one day we will play this song at NewSong.

4.”Disarray” By Lifehouse. Oh the goodness of Lifehouse. Go buy the record.

3.”If This Is Goodbye” By Lifehouse. Not on the CD only in iTunes online store. I’m mad about it but I had to buy it.

2.”Broken” By Lifehouse. This so is so perfect in so many ways. I may have to post this one.

1.5.”Who We Are” I agree with Conner, this should have been the Cd’s first single.

1.”Whatever It Takes” By Lifehouse. Speechless about this song. That’s why it’s #1!

Ok so this turned into a MUSE and Lifehouse fanboy session but I love music and I love these guys. As alway post your tops.


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