Would you buy these shirts?


So it’s official, Joel Klampert (CEC Worship) and I are starting our own T-Shirt company. The company will be called sackcloth. The name comes from Psalm 30.

“… You changed my mourning into dancing; you took off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness…”

These shirts were designed with worship in mind. They will be a small test run. Basically we are taking pre orders starting now and if we get enough we’ll get them printed up. Joel and I both agree that we hate paying 20 bucks for a sweet shirt. We also aren’t looking to make a killing off these either. So look for these babies to be about 10 bucks plus shipping depending on printing costs. If you live near one of us then no shipping just 10 bucks. We hope to have a website up soon or just a blog for starters so that you may be able to order through that. It may be a while till that is up and running. So for now a simple comment on this blog or on CEC Worship will put you down for a shirt. After we have enough orders to make a run we will contact you and get shipping addresses. Also different color shirts may be available as well.

Close Up Praise Him Close Up In HIS Splender


17 Responses to “Would you buy these shirts?”

  1. heck yes dude… both are sweet designs. Put me down for Praise Him… i’m in texas…

    p.s. – i guess my vote on the logo is moot since you’re already adverting with this logo… thankfully i voted B Red anyway.

  2. HOLY CRAPTASTIC WONDER SHIRTS! WOOHOO! Put me down for at least 1x of each!

  3. craptastic. ha ha ha

  4. Rock on, guys! I am in for a couple!!!!

  5. I wish you success in your venture, guys!

  6. I see the one with the guitar, but what about us drummers? come up with something like that and I’ll buy a couple!

  7. Jay..we have to do a amount of designs at first. because we have to order a ton printed to not lose our shirts…But that is def. in the plans

  8. Hey, I’m sure Chris and the boys will want a few?? Can we get kid sizes too?????????

  9. By the way, I love the logo. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Put me down for 1 of each. Large. Way to go guys!

  11. Way cool! Gonna spread the word in central Texas.

  12. kelly…we can get kid sizes…only youth sizes though…because if the shirt gets too small it requires resizing the image and reprinting…kinda pricey.

    Bruiser…sweet. thanks man

  13. pretty nice dude. sorry i haven’t told you sooner. just now checking my rss feeds. if i was a musician, these would be perfect. but i suck at guitar and singing. so i’ll guess i’ll just have to go topless.

  14. ha …its gear for the worshiper…which we all are…not gear for the musician

  15. Well Done..Your shirts are SWEEET! Cleveland OH would love this. Send me an email,

  16. Jas Tuck Says:

    hell yeah i would

  17. NamasteXfactor Says:

    When and where can i purchase these shirts!!! I think i might need an entire wardrobe design from you guys! no joke! please get at me asap.


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