Need your opinion.

sackclothlogovote-1.jpg A new company seeks your opinion. They are called SACKCLOTH. Please comment on which font you like A or B …and which color you prefer. mustard, orange, red, green.

An announcement will be made soon concerning what this is all about. Trust me You will like it.


12 Responses to “Need your opinion.”

  1. keep all 4 as one logo.

  2. The second font is best, the first is near impossible to read clearly, and if people cannot instantly read it you’ve lost them.

    The red and the green color are best, but it truly depends on what the logo is intended for. The color should be eyecatching (all are) as well as meaningful for the reason behind the logo.

  3. green or red , b

  4. b red

  5. B red, or orange

  6. i know i’m late. but i like a green.

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