Happy Apple Introduces New Stuff Day

So today is the first day of WWDC. If you are a MAC guy like me you can expect to see a few things. One you can count on Steve wearing another black Mock turtle neck. Two he will talk about who much stinking money apple is making now. Thirdly Steve will show the world things that will make them slobber all over themselves. Oh yeah and a new commercial or two. I see this day as Christmas in a way. Mostly for the anticipation of what’s to come more than actually getting something. Rumored products being introduced during Steve’s Keynote is the iPhone and new OSX Leopard, although I am sure there will be others. So sit back relax, get a cup of coffee and wait for apple to load up their new site with all the new goodies and also the streaming keynote by Steve Jobs.


3 Responses to “Happy Apple Introduces New Stuff Day”

  1. If you went to wwdc, you could take a full beta copy of Leopard for free!

  2. Dude whats your aim ID….im online…
    using NiceneCreed1…or better yet cecworship

  3. This day is like Christmas for you, isn’t it?

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