Top 5 songs of the week

Here are the top five songs of the week. It’s so crazy how every week I  find new music. It never ends.

5. “Almost Honest” By Josh Kelly. Pretty mellow song. Very different genera from which I normally listen to, but hey a man has to grow. I first heard this song in a Smallville episode. Good stuff

4. “Lola Stars And Stripes” By The Stills. Again different but very cool stuff.

3. “Blackout” By Muse. This has a Edward Scissorhands feel to it. You’ll just have to listen to it to know what I mean.

2. “Valentine’s Day” By Linkin Park. One think about listening to CDs in your car is unless you really know a cd by heart you never know what the son is called. So When I got to work I clicked through trying to find this song. Then I was like Duh! He only screams Valentine’s Day a hundred times at the end. Anyway really cook song.

1. “Lazy Eye” By Silversun Pickups. Never heard of these guys before Wednesday of this week. My brother in law was telling me about them and said I should check them out. Good stuff. They have a Smashing Pumpkins feel to them.

Well that’s the list. As always, post your top 5 songs of the week.


One Response to “Top 5 songs of the week”

  1. Jesus washed Judas Feet – Lust Control …CLASSIC PUNK

    Out of the Darkness – Bloodgood…Old school christian metal

    Break Free – Hillsong United…I love playing this one wicked fun

    Lead me to the cross – Hillsong United (Brooke Fraser) man this one hits me hard

    My drink – Charlie Hall

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