So there are many complicated things about my personality. Mainly my likes and dislikes. Like how I’m a big fan of showers and baths, but could take or leave a swimming pool on a hot day. Or how I was a big grunge rock fan but never really liked Pearl Jam all that much. How I love the Yankees but Can’t stand A-Rod, or better yet, I hate Boston but Love Manny. I don’t know what my problem is. Anyway enjoy the sweet photo of Manny.

(h/t: Deadspin and The Joy Of The Sox)


5 Responses to “SUPERMANNY”

  1. So don’t leave us hanging….was he safe?

  2. He was safe at second uncontested.

  3. that is an awesome photo bro.

  4. …never liked Pearl Jam…like never ever liked them? even a little bit?…even 10?…

    oh yeah, that is a wicked pic!

  5. Jason…….no “Steel Webisode”? I can’t believe it. Reminds me of most shows on TV, they take a break so many times throughout the season…but at least they show a rerun! Love ya!

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