T-Shirts Anyone?

t-shirt.gifSo it has been my desire for a long time to start my own t-shirt company. I think I could really get into it. I think my designs are pretty fly and think that people would buy them. There are a few things standing in my way though.

1). I need a good screen printer.

2). I need a MAC computer at home to allow me to work on my designs.

3) I need a good designer to be my partner and so we can bounce ideas off one another.

4.) I need customers. People willing to spend their hard earned money wearing something I created.

If anyone can help me out with all or some of these problems that would be wicked awesome and entitle you to a free shirt or two. Also if you are in need of a t-shirt and want me to design one for you or a youth group or whatever let me know. I’m down! Thanks for your help.


14 Responses to “T-Shirts Anyone?”

  1. Suck it up and buy a Mac already. This would be your second money grabbing opportunity that you’ve missed out on because of your Maclessness.

    You could sell your NKOTB CD’s on ebay to offset the price.

    This was written in love.

  2. Maybe I will…then I could design t-shirts for your mom!

    This too was also written with love!

  3. Let’s see, I can help you with…uh…let me think…um….wait…the idea is starting to form….come on….wait a second….nope it’s gone.

    Oh, wait, I could be your creative partner!

    Nice, had to pull out the mom joke….too much love in michigan…

  4. Well now Stef that depends…ar you a designer?

  5. I dezine guud.

    I could buy your NKOTB CDs for my wife and I’d be a customer for the shirts too! But if I help in that way…how’d I get a free shirt??…that would be ironic.

  7. I can probably get a couple of rubber suits. Make it easier to bounce ideas (and objects) off each other.

  8. Well i just asked if anybody would buy cecworship shirts …and the consensus was yes…I have always wanted to have a custom tshirt shop…

    I will not only help but entertain the idea of becoming a design and business parter…for real…lets talk.

  9. Joel: Email me your ideas. I too am very serious about this business. I need a creative outlet so bad it’s killing me. Plus I like t-shirts. superman1224@gmail.com

  10. My wife thinks im nuts cus i own like 3 billion tshirts…I just cant get enough of them…Ill email you soon

  11. Hey I’ll buy some T-Shirts, or at least for Chris. What is the deal with you guys and T-Shirts? Chris says he doesn’t have enough, but his drawer contains at least 30+.

  12. Funny Shirts

    Great Funny Shirts

  13. i also design in t-shirts am very good in doing that its ma tarlent to design i need a help from you

  14. will be freely sending you some african designs

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