Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End Review.


So last night the wife and I went and seen POTC. As in all my reviews there will be NO SPOILERS so feel free to read on.

Visually the movie was right on par with the previous two. Everything was perfect. Good camera work, good CGI and when I say good I mean things that are CGI don’t have any weird movement that looks unnatural or distant shots that make them look like cartoons. There was a lot of that in the first Spider-Man. Anyway, the makeup was awesome too. Although there was one thing I noticed, all the pirates in the movie had bad teeth, scares, horrible completions, and then you have Captain Jack. The man has been around, but not hardly a cut on his face throughout all three movies. The dude must have spent a lot of time running away.

As far as Characters  and plot go; be ready for some changes. There is a definite shift in character rolls. Certain characters change. Many people have a problem with this in movie sequels. They expect a character to stay the same. That’s just bad story telling. There are events that change a characters character. That’s the way life is. If a character stays the same the movie becomes predictable or even more so than it already is at times. That aside the plot is very layered. I really had a bit of trouble keeping up at first. Things were happening very quickly. You might want to take notes even. Also use the bathroom before you go because it’s a long movie and there isn’t really any slow parts.

You also want to stay until the end of the credits. There is a little tidbit at the end that gives you a little oooooooh moment.

Overall the movie was good. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. However I might need to see it again just to get all the stories straight. I was a little disappointed by a few things but I can’t really elaborate because that would spoil it for those who haven’t see it. However Johnny Depp was perfect again. I think he should just be Jack Sparrow for the rest of his life. There is no need for him to play anything else.

Now what did you guys think of the movie?


4 Responses to “Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End Review.”

  1. Well, I am still letting the movie sink in. I think I will give it a B-. I thought there were a couple spots in the movie that were slow. The performance by Mr. Depp was spot on again. I agree that he will forever be Capt. Jack Sparrow. He should just legally change his name.

    I agree with your makeup comments. The only thing that I will add is that Keira Knightley is always in perfect condition. Even through some fantastic fight scenes, her hair and makeup are never flawed. She seems a little out of place at times with her perfect made up face standing around a bunch of well worn pirates,and, yes, running away will keep you scar free!

    The movie does need your attention as a few plots are being intertwined. I still think the first POTC is the best, but the third installment was better than the second.

  2. I enjoyed the movie. I feel it suffered from the same malaise Spider-Man 3 did — too much going on with not enough time spent on any of it to flesh it out.

    Semi spoilerish below …

    I really was disappointed we had no more kraken action. I would have liked to see how it died between movies instead of a simple throw-away line near the middle.

    End semi-spoiler

    I liked this trilogy in the order it came out, Black Pearl being the best.

  3. Raivynn you are right on the money about the Kraken. That was so thrown in there. Also the part about how Barbosa came back to life. *******SPOILER AHEAD!!!!!******** Oh and not to mention the whole Tia Dalma/queen of the sea and all she does is turn into the 250 foot woman then crabs then disappears. No love story with Davey Jones or anything.

  4. So if i don’t want spoilers, I shouldn’t read the comments?? Spoiler warnings don’t work, I can’t stop reading….

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