I went to the Stash



So as if my trip to L.A. didn’t contain enough adventure, I was also lucky enough to visit one of the places I wanted to go before I die. Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. I know it’s not the one in Red Bank, NJ, but it’s close enough. This place was all I thought it would be. Tons of comics and tons of artwork, and tons of Jay and Silent Bob stuff as well as a guy working the front desk that put up with all my stupid fan boy questions. The place was full of Movie props as well as drawings by the super bad Jim Lee, my favorite Superman artist. He did this sweet mural on the door to the stock room of Superman, Batman, and Jay and Silent Bob! You can see Jim drawing the mural here. I was so excited about just standing in the store looking around. I love Kevin Smith. He is, in my opinion one of the best writers out there. Very smart but stupid stuff. He also wrote for Marvel comics on some Spider-man and Dare Devil issues. Anyway, enough of the fan boy routine. Here are some pics that I snapped while I was there. Oh and I bought A Silent Bob inaction figure that sits on my desk now, a view askew production shirt and Kingdom Come By Alex Ross. Quite possibly one of the best graphic Novels about Superman which I am currently reading again.


2 Responses to “I went to the Stash”

  1. Dude I feel more normal after reading some of your posts!! I mean, I thought I was quirky and dorky but then I read about a place like this and I didn’t know it existed so I’m comforted that I have a long way to go! HAHAHA. BUT in spite of that, my reaction of walking down the street and seeing that sign would have been “HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT WE GOTTA GET IN THERE!!” yeah broken English and all just like that!
    Looks awesome!

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