After 38 hours of no sleep, the price was finally right!


So I’m sure many of you would like to hear of the adventure that is, was, and ever will be The Price Is Right. To give you a little back story, my wife Becca has always dreamed of going to the Price Is Right. Ever since she was very small. I too have always loved the show even as a little kid. Well when Becca heard Bob was retiring we both knew this was the last chance to make a stab at being on the show. Conveniently enough, my best buddy Evan lives in L.A. and we could also hang out with him as well. So Becca, Becca’s cousin Jenny, Jenny’s friend Caroline, and I packed up our bags and flew to Los Angeles, California to be a contestant on America’s institution that is The Price Is Right.

So after 2 grueling flights, one of which we almost died and another that we had to run through the airport to catch, we finally made it to LAX around 11:30pm L.A. time. Evan picked us up and we headed to our Hotel, which we found out later was notorious for it’s residences drug binges, but that’s another story. So after dropping off our bags we headed to CBS studios about 3 miles away. Then we saw it. Evan points out hey guys check this out. We see hundreds of people laying on the sidewalk surrounding the CBS studio gate and winding around the block. Naturally thinking these poor souls are homeless we all let out a collective AWWWWWW those poor homeless people, to show our sympathy. Then Evan says, we’re here, and that’s the line for the Price Is Right. So then we all let out a collective OH MAN! Sure enough that was the line and it was only 12:30am. So we then circle around and check out the line. It wasn’t too bad. Probably around a 100-150 people. So we decide to go grab a quick bite and get in the line. So we head out to Bossa Nova’s, grab some food and head back to the line. We arrive around 1:30 or 2am and set up camp. Luckily Evan had some blankets and sleeping bags in his trunk. So the girls set up a bed and Evan and I went back to his place to get more supplies. We return around an hour later to find the ladies all snuggled up in the sleeping bag and talking to their new neighbors. Evan and I make a little trip to the gas station for beverages to keep us awake and we settle in.

6am comes with a swiftness, I have no idea how, considering I never slept a wink. Even the girls, as comfortable as they were probably only dosed off for an hour or so. So at 6am we received our order of arrival tickets. This lets us keep our place in line once we entered the studio grounds. After receiving the ticket we were allowed to leave and come back at 8am to get the next bit of information. So we head back to the hotel to get rid of our cameras (they weren’t allowed in the studio or on the grounds) and change clothes. We return to CBS around 7:45am. We receive a very short orientation and are again released until 10am. So we get some breakfast at the IHOP and head back to CBS. Now we’re in for the long hall. We still don’t know if we’re going to get on the show. Some people were turned away the night before and got right back in line and waited another 24 hours. Those people were crazy. However we had a good feeling since we were numbers 209-213 and the studio holds around 350 or so. So we waited and waited with no information about what was happening. We had to sit on these metal benches in numerical order and couldn’t leave the grounds. So we sat there and sat there until around 1pm. The CBS studio people started coming around and getting our tickets and information. Shortly after we got our name tags. We still didn’t know if we were going to be on the show because they didn’t tell you anything. Nothing! Nada! They just asked you for information or gave you paper work to fill out. Finally around 2:00pm we were told we were going to be interviewing for a chance to bee a contestant. So we lined up again and in groups of ten we interviewed which consisted of them asking your name, where you were from, and what your occupation was. At this point I really couldn’t remember these answers. We were so tired and a little cranky about being left in the dark about what was going on for the past 8 hours. So after the interviews we went around the corner and waited again on another set of benches until everyone was done interviewing to be on the show. At this point we figured we were at least going to be in the audience. So after everyone interviewed we finally made it into the studio. We couldn’t believe what we were about to see hear and do…….


6 Responses to “After 38 hours of no sleep, the price was finally right!”

  1. AHHHH…i spent 30 minutes of my time reading that and your gonna end it there…..JERK. lol

  2. Ha! it was getting really long. The second half will come after lunch. Sorry buddy. Aren’t you glad I’m back???? He he he

  3. boy am i…I dug a hole in the backyard where I sat for days crying “SUPERMAN SUPERMAN.” it was awkward.

  4. Dude, it’s after lunch!

  5. I just ate 2 burritos…I need the ending!

  6. What the hell?!

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