After 38 hours of no sleep, the price was finally right part 2!

name_tag.jpgSo where was I? Oh yes we had just entered CBS studio. It was quite surreal. We were led single file in numerical order up a flight of stairs into a very cold room. As I entered the doorway I could feel the hairs standing on the back of my neck. We were here! The studio was so small. I imagined it to be a lot bigger from the way it looks on TV. It was a crazy scene. Music was blasting people who had already been seated were dancing and jumping up and down. It felt like a game show rapture had occurred. We were led to our seats. We were stage left about 3 rows from the stage. There were four rather large cameras all kinds of sets held by chains in the air. There were about 6 or 7 TVs suspended in the air for the audience to see what was going on on stage. There were three showcases set up but covered by those sliding doors that open when they announce the showcases. I couldn’t get over how small it was in there. Anyway, there were four camera men, the announcer Rich Fields, and one guy strictly there to pump up the crowed, as well as a few red coats (that’s what we called the CBS people that had been handling us all day) in the crowed to make sure non of us got delirious from lack of sleep and ran up on stage to kiss Bob when he came out. Off to stage right were directors, and photographers, as well as the make-up and wardrobe people.

So after we get to our seat nobody sits down. Everybody is dancing and clapping and yelling. Rich Fields comes out and asks us if we’re ready to see Bob? The place goes nuts! Of course he’s teasing us. Bob isn’t coming out until the last possible second. So Rich continues this little, “are you ready for Bob” song and dance and then has members of the audience come on stage and dance. After this little gleeful display, Rich explains to us how he wants us to get super pumped about everything that happens on the show, even if it is a clock radio and a 5 piece luggage set. So after our cheering instructions, without any warning they start pumping the PIR music and Rich announces Bob Barkers name. The roof comes off the studio. Every person in the studio from the old bitty from Duluth, Minnesota to the college kid from Clemson University explodes with jubilation. It is so loud in there you can’t here one thing anyone on stage is saying even Bob. Apparently the mic is for recorded sound not amplified which makes sense but at the same time if there is any noise from the crowd you can’t hear what anyone is saying on stage.

So the show starts and one of the first people to “Come on down” is from our row so we definitely got on TV at least twice just from the camera panning over to the person who was called. So the people called down to contestants row are now getting to see the first item up for bid. This is when I realize what the TVs are for. You can see the showcases very well because they are back in the showcase sets. That’s how they get away with such a small stage. The cameras then go back inside the sets and film the items up for bid. The only way you can see the items most of the time is to look on the TVs above you. I found this really odd. They call it the fastest game show on TV and now I know why. Everything was flying by right before your eyes. One second people were called down the next they were up on stage and then the game was over. It was crazy. After each game they take a break from filming to insert the commercials and set up for the next game. When this happens Bob fields any questions people in the audience may have for him. Let me tell you this, Bob Barker is a quick wit. The dude is razor sharp. I have never met an 83 year old man that is as on the ball as this dude. He was making jokes and making fun of people and having a good time. He was awesome. So the the game resumes and they call more people. They play more games and by the end of the show I am dead tired and losing my voice with all the yelling. I don’t think I have sat down stood up and sat down that much in my life and I have been to quite a few Catholic weddings. The whole ordeal was exhausting. In the end non of us got called down although Jenny’s friend Caroline said she overheard the producers talking about how cool Jenny was, but all that did was get our hopes up. In the end we were left with an amazing experience. There is a ton of other stuff that went on but I have already wrote two novels. To sum up though, I was up for 38 hours straight to see Bob Barker before he retires and it was worth every hour. If you want ask any questions in the comments and I will go into more detail. Also the show airs on May 25th at 11am EST. Thanks for reading.


6 Responses to “After 38 hours of no sleep, the price was finally right part 2!”

  1. holy crap! great story…that is so cool that you guys got on.

  2. That was a cool story (both novels). I had no idea that is what it took to “come on down”! B4T

  3. Hey thanks Pudgeman! Yeah it was pretty crazy. I asked Becca if she was disappointed that she didn’t get on. She said no, the experience was enough for her. It was a great time! Thanks for reading!

  4. Totally worth the read. That was incredible! And awesome! And fun! And I’m glad I even got to read it! HAHAHAHA. “Game show rapture!” That was hysterical.

  5. wow I was even reading at a whirlwind speed.

  6. Great story… I attended the Bob Barker’s Final TPIR on June 6th. Like your show…it was fun and fast! If you blink…you will miss alot! And yes, we all were exhausted after the show…Whew!

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