L.A. Eats

So over the span of the trip I had a lot of new food. My goal was to go to places that I had never been and with the exception of IHOP (My wife would not be a happy camper if we didn’t go here) I succeeded. So here they are along with their review.

1) Bossa Nova : A Brazilian restaurant that has anything you want. The bread was to die for. My buddy Evan and I had this Chicken thing (sorry I can’t remember the name off hand). It was basically chicken strips completely rapped in bacon and served in a sweet cream sauce with fresh bread. The wait staff were so nice. I would definitely go back next time I go out to L.A.

2) Mel’s Diner : I didn’t really eat here, but I did have one cup of coffee while other people ate. I really wasn’t that hungry at the time. We went to the Mel’s in West Hollywood. The place was packed and it was 2:30am. This is probably more of a place to be seen than a good place to eat. In my opinion the service was horrible. I ordered a cup of coffee and I never got it until I reminded the waitress when she brought everyone’s food out. I also only got one cup they never came back to refill it. That’s pretty bad if you ask me. You might want to try their other locations, you might have better luck.

3) In-N- Out Burger : This place is world famous. People are lined up non stop even at 1am (they close at 1:30am). Everything is made fresh even the fries. I watched in amazement has the cooks in the back sliced potatoes for the fires. I ordered a #1: A double Burger and Fries. It was pretty good. The fries weren’t that great. The Burger was good but I think I might have to give it another try sometime because when you haven’t slept in 38 hours nothing really tastes good.

4) Jamba Juice : Okay so I know this isn’t a restaurant but it is worth the mention. While in Beverly Hill I found myself quite parched. So Evan suggested we get Britney Spear’s favorite drink….well favorite non alcoholic drink anyway. I was down. So we went in and besides having awesome design, the juice was fantastic. I had a Strawberry Whirl with a free energy protein shot. It hit the spot.

5) Revolving Sushi: Two words. LING LING! This stuff is awesome and I do mean awesome! It’s shrimp and crab salad, with thinly sliced avocado, sesame seeds, and eel sauce. I ate two plates as you can see. These are specialty rolls only made here in the Valley. So don’t try to order them at any other joint because they will look at you very funny. Sorry, no link for this one.


So that’s it for the food but stay tuned for other things coming soon. Lots and lots to talk about.


2 Responses to “L.A. Eats”

  1. that sushi looks darn good!

  2. Jason… Dude…(this is Chris)…Dude…I didn’t know you liked sushi!?! If I had someone to go with and I had a huge pocketbook I would be a sushiholic. Rock on!

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