Top 5 Songs Of The Week.

This week is a little one sided due to the amount of Lifehouse in my diet. I know most of you may not have heard these songs before so you really should got to the lifehouse-media site.

5. “Revolution Cry” By Lifehouse.

4. “Joshua” By Lifehouse. This song is Lifehouse at it’s best.

3. “Eghties” By Lifehouse

2. “The Edge” By Lifehouse

1. “You Can Shake The Mountains” By Lifehouse

I know I am a Lifehouse groupie but these guys are really great song writers. Please check these songs out you will not be disappointed. As always post your top 5 of the week.


3 Responses to “Top 5 Songs Of The Week.”

  1. Easiest Five Ever.

    1. Picture – Mute Math

    2. You Can Shake The Mountains – Lifehouse

    3. Sunday Sun – The Cinematics

    4. Undo – Rush of Fools

    5. Awakening – Switchfoot

  2. I had a similar addiction this week. With the exception of Todd creeping in there it was a Fee week!

    5. Come and listen – Steve Fee (No this is not a mistake. Look for info next week on Tuesday’s Thumb’s up/down!!)
    4. Burn for You – Steve Fee
    3. You alone – Todd Fields
    2. Broadcast – Steve Fee
    1. We shine – Steve Fee

  3. Holy God: brian doerksen

    Yearn: Shane and Shane

    In Christ Alone: Matt Papa version

    Yes and Amen: Matt Redman

    Take it to the Streets: Matt Redman

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