Never to old to learn


So working with Russell is like having a big brother. He has taught me many things. He’s taught me the keys to staying warm in the winter with the use of man tights. He has taught me the value of a Meximelt at Taco Bell. He has spoke of the joys of sitting down to pee in the mornings when you’re just to tired to stand. Today folks another mystery of the universe has been revealed by the master. The Yo-Yo! Until this day I had never learned to Yo. Try as I may I could get it to go down but getting it to come back up caused property damage and unyielding bodily harm to myself, as well as those around me. However, a trusty Google Yo-Yo, the great outdoors (for safety sake) and the master that is The Original Mud Puppy, The Man Of Steel can now Yo-Yo! Thanks Bro, I owe you so much!


3 Responses to “Never to old to learn”

  1. Are you “walking the dog” yet?

  2. …you sit down to pee in the mornings too…oh wow…this is freakily awesome! It’s so freeing to announce!

  3. I sit to pee all the time. ~.^

    And, whenever i visit Taco Bell via drive-thru, i order a meximelt to be placed on top of theother food in the bag. I eat it on the way home. Kinda like munching fries, but messier and with cheese and tomatos.

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