The Ultimate Lifehouse hook-up!

Okay kids, those of you that love Lifehouse will now love me eternally. In fact I am preparing for Godfather requests along with first born children being named after me for this one.

Not sure if many of you know but Jason Wayde was in a band before Lifehouse became Lifehouse. In 1996 he was in a band called Blyss and produced a demo called Diff’s Lucky Day. Well this demo contained several hits that made their way onto No Name Face. However some songs like “Storm” and “Fairy Tales and Castles” didn’t make the cut and are only available on Diff’s Lucky Day. This Demo is no longer available. You can’t find it anywhere and if you do you will pay $100+. Well kids after some hard digging I found them all and some for free. Click here and register and you get 30 free downloads from this guys site! So all the Lifehouse songs you never heard are on there and also live performances, covers and a few worship songs! I know I know you love me. I know! Enjoy!


One Response to “The Ultimate Lifehouse hook-up!”

  1. Hey thanks for that hookup on the songs. I’m a first timer to your blog. Good stuff here. Keep it up.

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