NewSong Worship Confessional 001

Yeah so this one comes with a lot of credits and disclaimers. I really thought that I could throw this together in like 2 seconds but it took me all morning, probably because I am a dope and say to many ahhhhs and ummmms that I had to edit out. Plus putting the video of the band in was time consuming. Also sorry it went so long, I talk really slow I guess. It was late when I taped this so maybe next time…if there is one, I will be a bit more perky. Anyway be sure to check out our worship leader, Dan’s blog for his perspective and Captured’s myspace page for a recording of all my days. Also thanks to cousin Levi for the earthquake cam. Sorry buddy next time we’ll bring a tripod!


2 Responses to “NewSong Worship Confessional 001”

  1. great first vid…could use some better

  2. yeah I know. I forgot to turn on the other light in that room before I started filming. Oh well. I also ran longer than I was supposed to so that’s why it is a really abrupt cut off at the end.

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