My Wife is cooler than yours!


So last Friday I had the day off from work. Becca and I spent some quality time together. It was great. We went shopping and rode around in the stang picked up the in-laws from the airport and then came home to relax. On the door when we got home was a note from UPS. Well I’m upstairs on the computer and she comes up and lays the tag down on the desk and says dang it! I’m like what. She says, well I was going to surprise you but now you have to wait till Monday because we missed the delivery. I was like what delivery? She says look. So I look at the tag and it says “Musicians Friend” on it. I was like no way! She was like yup. You see earlier that week I had sent her a link to a practice amp that I needed/wanted because I keep my BIG amp at our rehearsal space because it is a pain to lug around everywhere. Well she took that link and ordered the amp without me knowing. So now I have a Spider III Line 6 at my house to practice on and get wicked good at guitar! Thanks to my loving wife. Ain’t they the best!


Oh yeah and the wife just told me I was talking in my sleep last night. Apparently I was playing my guitar and making the sound of the amp! No lie. I guess I like the amp.


3 Responses to “My Wife is cooler than yours!”

  1. oh man….sweet amp dude..your wife does rock…I guess I need a talk with my

  2. Dude…you are gonna rock more than you do already, what sound was it that you were making?

    Something like….. whomp..whomp..beeew..bowmow..eeeeeeEEEEeeer…

  3. Jay: dude that was amazing…I could actually make that out.

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