The “Amazing” Spider-Man

spiderman.jpgI am sure most of you knowing what a HUGE comic guy I am are surprised it’s taken me this long to post about Spider-man 3. I am sure most of you will even fall out of your chairs reading that I have yet to see the film. Don’t get me wrong I am really pumped about this movie but all plans to see it this weekend fell through. I will however see it in due time and will post my review.

So since I haven’t see the movie yet I went on over to the “Spidey” movie website to check out some of the goodies. I was Amazed! Those of you who love all the special effects should watch all the video’s they have on there. Some really cool stuff. I am flat out overwhelmed at some of the things they do on a movie set. To see all the trailers filled with special effects is mind blowing. I have a pretty good vision when it comes to film, but I wouldn’t know where to start with all that stuff. I guess that’s what’s cool about being a director. You don’t have to know how to do all that stuff you just tell other people to do it. Maybe one day I will get that type of opportunity on some small scale. Until then please, those of you that have seen the movie please tell me what you thought. Of course it goes without saying NO SPOILERS!!!!


3 Responses to “The “Amazing” Spider-Man”

  1. OH man…Comic book guy #2 here…I havent seen it yet either, but I cant wait

  2. Spidey dies…OH WAIT…NO spoilers, sorry I misread đŸ™‚ …just kidding
    Comic book guy #3 here and I’ve missed it as well but I have been busy, this weekend I’ll have to fight over seeing Spider-man 3 and Hot Fuzz and 28 Weeks Later b/c after comics come Zombie flicks and British humour for me!

  3. man now ive gotta go watch my Mr. bean box set….mmmmmmmmmmmm…thanks conboy

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