Top 5 Songs Of The Week. (a day early)

So I know it’s not Friday yet but it is for me. I’m taking the day off work tomorrow and probably a little break from the computer too. However I don’t want to cheat you kids out of the Top 5 Songs that have been rocking my head all week. So here they are.

5. “Nothing at all” By Third Day. So The Mud got the Third Day “Chronology” cd the other day and I fell in love with these guys all over again. Sometimes you can get distracted by the greatness of Crowder and forget about some of the other guys.

4. “Consuming Fire” By Third Day. This song is killer. I want to play this song on Sundays.

3. “We Shine” By Steve Fee. Don’t really know this guy but the lyrics are so right on. This easily could be an anthem for any Christ Follower!

2. “Psalm 40” By NewSong. So perfect for our Church! We’re also playing this one Sunday. It only took us 3 years to do it.

1. “Skin” By Breaking Benjamin. This is just some old back to basics Rock and I love it!

As always post yours, or if you want to wait until tomorrow that’s cool too.


4 Responses to “Top 5 Songs Of The Week. (a day early)”

  1. dude whats psalm 40?

    5. awesome God – Vicky beeching

    4. Oh the glory of it all – DCB

    3. Marvelous light – charlie all

    2. Friend of God – tomlin and israel

    1. Inside out – United

  2. Dude get you some Psalm 40 and rock your head off! Ha a Klampert Top 5 without Vicky Beeching is like a Baseball game without a hotdog. Looks like she fell a little bit in the list though. Nice list.

  3. ha ha ha…true…where can i get me some psalm 40…got a link?

  4. Oh yeah Breaking Benjamin but this week is all about Six Steps artists!
    5. You are God – Charlie Hall
    4. How Great – DC*B
    3. Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
    2. Taking it to the streets! – Matt Redman! WOOAH OH OOO!
    1. Rescue is coming – DC*B

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