MUD & STEEL Webisode 007 (a day early)

Mud’s wife kicked us out of the house. She wanted to sleep in. What ever will we do?


10 Responses to “MUD & STEEL Webisode 007 (a day early)”

  1. wow artsy…wy cant i comment on the mud and steel site?

  2. That’s just a funnel site for our blogs.

  3. I thought you had no money… and you went to Wendy’s? Nice sammich btw J.

  4. I had no money hence the sammich. I was ordering for Russ

  5. that’s a fast car you got there, nice louvers. I like the overanimated motions, very true to noir!!

  6. Props to Mrs. Puppy (Mrs. Mud?) for booting you out. Made for an excellent movie. Most entertaining indeed!!

  7. I know how he got the money for Wendy’s … The scene wehere they were throwing and kicking rocks? Well, it was at a pre-school, and they were extorting the kiddies milk money! That’s also why they were driving so fast … running from the po-leece. The nervous looks, the shaky camera … it all adds up.

    John Walsh will be featuring you two next week.


  8. Were you eating “Peah-nuut buttah – Jellah.. all up in yaaah bel-lay..” ?

  9. family guy!!!

  10. Oh wow. Very “Office Space” in the distant land, I wanted to see a fax machine getting stomped! HAHAHA. Loved it guys!

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