MUD & STEEL Webisode 006

It’s all about the 80’s baby! Oh Yeah and How much Mud wants to be Aaron’s new boyfriend!


7 Responses to “MUD & STEEL Webisode 006”

  1. Don’t jealous Steel…

  2. People at work think my Aaron looks like Emilio Estevez.

  3. You guys are cracking me up. The webesiode was brilliant. Not just from the mad props you gave my blog, but because it was all 80’s. There does seem to be some strange DNA connection with the Mudpuppy, but I wouldn’t call it a “man crush” or anything. Regardless of what his iTunes might say….

    Good stuff.

  4. The best part is Pluto at the end though.

  5. Oh, yeah .. Pluto comes in to dance with you two but is so shocked by the wild gyrations he scampers away. ^.^

  6. I used to watch Hardcastle and McCormick.

  7. Dude,
    How could you guys not mention big hair!
    Anyway It took me two days to watch it but I liked it!
    Nice dance moves at the end!!

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