The Man Of Steel


Thanks to my buddy Jackie for the rendering.


5 Responses to “The Man Of Steel”

  1. Very cool! I like the stubble! hehe

  2. (In a very Kevinish voice from the Office)…dude…that…is…awesome! I mean…AWESOME!

  3. very well done!

    2 things:
    LOL at the title of the .jpg (stuporjason)

    I showed Evan, and he said “That’s superman.” Then he looks a little closer and says, “That’s Becca’s husband, he can save the world of Tecumseh?”

    I nearly peed my pants laughing.

  4. ya.. not sure how familiar some of you are with Looney Tunes but Daffy Duck had a cartoon where he was a Superman-esc character named “Stupor Duck.” I thought it was fitting 😀

  5. Return to Krypton, neet

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