Crafting my craft

jekyll_hyde.jpg So my buddy Blake and his band visited NewSong on Sunday and totally rocked. He inspired me in so many ways. Not just with his words on love, although he hit the nail on the head, but also with his talents. It made me realize that I have a long ways to go not just talent wise but equipment wise as well. I have been content for far to long. If I am really going to continue in this particular ministry I want to upgrade my harp so to speak. One of the effects that Blake used was the Jekyll & Hyde overdrive and distortion. I was listening to some sound bytes from this bad boy and I think I have found the distortion I have been looking for. It can also be used with my current distortion as a boost for solos and what have you. The only problem is that it is $139 bucks. So if you would like to make a donation don’t think of it as giving me money, but giving to the Lord. Ha seriously, if any of you musicians out there know anything abut this particular FX box I’d love to hear it. Also if you have something in mind that is better or cheaper let me know.


4 Responses to “Crafting my craft”

  1. You know ive used that box…and the route 66 that company makes some amazing gear. I am still really sold on the line^XT live but if youve got the cash then get the jekyll

  2. Awesome, dude! I’m thrilled to hear you’re taking it to the next level. You are right, Jason, it is for the Lord. Its what we do and what Captured is about. Keep that in mind as you save and scrounge. I see this unit in every store I’ve been to and in every trade mag I read. If Blake uses it, its legit. Go for it. You can doo eet!

  3. Check out eBay.

  4. Yeah I’m a huge pedal fan and this is one to get. We’re having our monthly youth service this Sunday and one of my guitarists who plays with me for those uses one. I’ll get some input, soundbites maybe, and such for you.

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