The Weekend Sporgy!

Sports Sports Sports! I can’t remember a better weekend for sports. Let me break it down.

Saturday: Tigers Play the White Sox. The Yankees play Boston. The Red Wings (Kill) play the Flames, and the Pistons beat the Magic. Whew! I am tired just reading all that. The coolest part of that is I watched them all accept the Yanks Boston game. Good thing too. Since the Yanks got killed.

Sunday: NewSong Softball Practice! 2nd Softball practice with my wife and closest friends. Tigers beat the Sox Yanks play Boston and lose again and to cap off the night The Wings advance beating the Flames in Double OT.

Monday: I’m Sun burnt tired and a little sore. That means it was an awesome weekend.

How was yours?


8 Responses to “The Weekend Sporgy!”

  1. You said Sporgy.

    Also this past weekend, Cubs vs. Cardinals!

  2. Well, my shoulder hurts from that nosedive I took, I’m a little sunburned and my right shoulder hurts from throwing. My back is sore from yardwork and softball and my legs are a little tired. So my weekend was great too! 🙂

  3. By the way…was your weekend really “awesome”?

  4. Yes Bruiser I really meant that. It was awesome indeed!

  5. Yeah I guess you would be happy Mud. The Cubs finally won a game!

  6. What is the Yankee’s record again?

  7. Cubs 7-11
    Yankees 8-9

    Stop your yappin

  8. My wife lucked out, she got a musician but not a sports buff. Thursday and Friday nights reserved for gigs and such but Sundays and sports are just great times to throw parties if the events are worthy: Super Bowl, UFC Fight Night, Final Four, I like to grill is my problem and if I go to ‘your’ party I’m forced to watch sports, if it’s at my house I get to wear an apron and funny hat and burn burgers 🙂

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