Top 5 Songs Of The Week.

This weeks list is a little weak. To be quite honest I didn’t really listen to much music this week. Here they are anyway.

5. “Meant To Live” By Switchfoot. I dusted this CD off after the Mudpuppy was rockin it one day.

4. “More Than Fine” By Switchfoot. I wish I felt this way but it’s been a rough morning.

3. “Love You like Winter” By AFI. Great song great band.

2. “Dare You To Move” By Switchfoot. This is my new favorite Switchfoot song. I listened to it like three times while I was running my 3 miles. Such a motivating song!

1. “Prelude 12/21” By AFI. This song gets me so pumped! I wish it were longer than 1.34. I’m sure Worship City knows what I’m talking about!

As always post your top 5!


7 Responses to “Top 5 Songs Of The Week.”

  1. Disco Science – Mirwais (Snatch Soundtrack)

    On Fire – Switchfoot

    Crash Into Me – DMB

    Fly From Heaven – Toad the Wet Sprocket

    I WIll Not Take These Things For Granted – Toad the Wet Sprocket

  2. ok…gotta buy mute math and AFI…ive been delaying it

    Wonder of the cross – Vicky Beeching

    Everything Glorious – Crowder

    Lifegiver – Hyper Static Union —SOMEBODY ELSE BUY THIS CD…SWEET

    Awesome God – Vicky Beeching

    Shine – Redman

  3. HSU is AWESOME. GREAT. FLIPPIN SWEET. (sorry jason)

  4. All over the place this week….

    5. Crazy – Gnarles Barkley
    4. Only God Knows Why – Kid Rock
    3. Damaged (future post alert) – TLC
    2. Land of Confusion – Disturbed
    1. Wanted Dead or Alive – who else…..Daughtry!

  5. Mine are pretty off as well. Hopefully you’ll accept a podcast? Honestly not much music this week.

    5. Forever – Papa Roach – I’m so ashamed of myself
    4. When You Were Young – The Killers – raw yummy guitars
    3. Something Beautiful – Newsboys – NO COMMENT just know that it was ridiculous live and my wife loves them.
    2. Summer Shudder – AFI – Prelude is so totally awesome and yes, I wish it were longer.

    1. Inked Episode 1 – Matt Brown – Sandals Church Podcast. Seriously, I’ve listed to it like 3 times this week.

  6. Haven’t listened to much music this week and I know a podcast may be cheating but it’s the most I’ve listened to 😦

    5. When You Were Young – Killers – raw yummy guitars!
    4. It Is Well With My Soul – Shane and Shane – it’s awfully long but it’s on my mind this week.
    3. Something Beautiful – Newsboys – dancerific, discoey, pop, catchy, I hate to love it but I do!
    2. Summer Shudder – A.F.I. – yes, Prelude is incredible as well. Hardly too many bad songs on that CD at all though.

    1. Inked Episode 1 Sandals Church – Matt Brown – Yes, yes it’s a podcast and a sermon but I swear I’ve listened to it at least 3 times this week!

  7. oh shane and shane…

    going to see them may 4th with shawn mcdonald and phil wikham

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