MUD & STEEL Webisode 005


9 Responses to “MUD & STEEL Webisode 005”

  1. dude nice video…Your mom said she couldn’t get on to post a reply…and that she really like it this week

  2. Nice video…Jason I noticed the shine from you hair. Must be the Canadian shampoo!!

  3. I just thought I’d post here 1st since it was advised to go to Mud’s 1st and I like to be difficult! HAHAHA.
    Oh man I’m glad I stuck around for that last lil bit but even happier that Mud kept his shirt on!

  4. Sending you some wubs on your blog. And maybe some sun-tan lotion. You sure you weren’t wearing white tights to fool us?

  5. So the outdoor thing was kinda O.K. you guys are getting better!

  6. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  7. yep, the sun is nice. you should scalp your camera man…wait, that would be an exercise in futility.

  8. I’ve only seen number one and this one. What a difference! Keep it up. Do a M&S version of “Jackass” one time to mix it up.

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