Thinking Blogger Award


First off I would like to thank Aaron for this award. If I could tag him back I would. His blog is a great inspiration to me. You all should check out what he has to say.

So I have been informed by the Blogfather that I am to tag five other people who’s blog makes me think. It is a difficult task to choose among many qualified candidates. So please if you didn’t make the cut you are no less special.

1. Worship City: There are so many things we have in common. I love to hear his incite on worship, music and other random topics. I hope one day we can go to a concert together my man.

2. Coming in a close second is CEC Worship: A fellow graphic designer and worship leader, Mr. Klampert always has positive things to say. He laughs at my jokes and we share a great deal of the same interests. He also provides a great resource for other worship leaders. It is a cool little hub where you can find others set lists and be inspired to try a new song. You are awesome man. Keep it up!

3. Ragamuffin Soul: This guy is awesome. His blog is so entertaining. There is just so much stuff to look at. His worship confessionals were part of the inspiration behind “Mud & Steel” not so much in the content but being able to put a face, a voice, and a person behind the words written in a blog. Los you are the man.

4. To Be The Man: We’ve never really talked but I read his blog everyday. He offers great opinions on just about anything and he is right on the money. I urge everyone to check him out.

5. Tolleson Design Blog: I don’t think he will pass on the love but I know he deserves the love. Steve Tolleson is one of the greatest designers of all time. His book soak wash rinse spin is probably one of the best design books I have ever seen and got me through my Jr. and Senior years at CCS. I urge anyone who is interested in design to check him out and buy his book

So that’s my 5. Pass on the love.


5 Responses to “Thinking Blogger Award”

  1. Oh man..thanks for the plug. Does this mean I got an award and now have to award to 5 others?

  2. It sure does my man

  3. ooooo…can i vote you…or is that a no no

  4. I don’t think you’re supposed to but who am I to deny you?

  5. […] today I received my first blog award. Thanks to The Man of Steel. It is The Thinking Blogger […]

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