I save the world…I drink Organic Coffee.

So I must say that working at an organic food company has changed my eating habits and drinking habits apparently much to my surprise. At first I bucked the system and for the most part I still do. I take no shame in bringing in a bottle of Dr Pepper everyday and drinking it in front of the president of the company. However somethings have changed by default. I love me some coffee! I drink it everyday. Well since work only supplies organic coffee that is what I drink. I must say it’s pretty good stuff. I don’t even notice the difference until Saturday morning when I brew a pot of my good stuff. I also have subjected myself to a verity of other organically grown food and found delight as well. So I guess what I am trying to say is give it a try. You may like it.


2 Responses to “I save the world…I drink Organic Coffee.”

  1. I am all about organic food. Just can’t always afford it. To be healthy, one must pay. I gave up caffeine about a week ago, so does Eden had good decaf coffee???

  2. Recent studies are telling us that organic produce is more nutritious, too. Better for the earth and better for our bodies.

    Kelly, you raise a very valid point – it’s often more expensive. Go where you’ll get the most bang for your organic buck. Coffee is a good choice because the organic practices its growers follow affect so much else – other crops, their own drinking water. Apples are another one – they’re one of the most sprayed crops. Organic pasta and such would be lower priority.


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