In The Beginning….


Every story has a beginning, every legend has an origin. This day 11 years ago is the first time I kissed my wife. If you were to tell me that I would end up marrying her…well I would look you square in the eye and say…..You’re dog gone right I am!

We met in the 8th grade. We had every single class together. She the ever athletic popular goddess and I the long haired grunge rock king (check the Zero shirt). She saw past my crazy style. I made her laugh. We became best friends. We were together constantly. However I had a girlfriend. An older women. She was in the 10th grade. Yes I know I have skillz. However Becca managed to wait out the 9 month relationship. Can you believe that she was the one who liked me?

We finally got together as a couple April 16th, 1996. We started off our new relationship on the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. which was awesome timing because we got to ride on the bus together for 8 hours. I remember the trip like it were yesterday.

Since then we have been pretty much inseparable. It has always been Becca. So I would just like to take this time to tell her I love her and that I will never forget that day as long as I live.


3 Responses to “In The Beginning….”

  1. Smoochie Smoochie!

    Boy, you’ve sure put on the weight since that picture!!

  2. Must be Becca’s cooking.

  3. great story! lol….skillz..

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