Okaaaaaaaaaaaay The Stanley Cup Playoffs Have Begun……Yeeeeeeah!

So the playoffs have begun. This is a special time of year….well at least it used to be. I remember as a young lad watching the Wings fly to glory until the weeee hours of the morning with my mommy. She was a big fan….if they were in the playoffs. I would sit and watch every playoff game just as I did every regular season game. Now-a-days in the post strike era I don’t think I watched an entire game all season. I don’t know if it’s because Stevie Y is gone or Shanny being a Ranger now or what. It just doesn’t seem the same. Well I am going to try my best to rekindle the old Redwings flame this post season. I am hoping they can at least get ast the first round this year. I will be updating the outcome of the games here on this blog as well as adding my own commentary and observations.

Here is the schedule for the Wings and Flames.

Flames @ Red Wings 4/12/07 7:00 PM ET
Flames @ Red Wings 4/15/07 1:00 PM ET
Red Wings @ Flames 4/17/07 10:00 PM ET
Red Wings @ Flames 4/19/07 10:00 PM ET
Flames @ Red Wings 4/21/07 3:00 PM ET*
Red Wings @ Flames 4/22/07 TBA*
Flames @ Red Wings 4/24/07 TBA*


5 Responses to “Okaaaaaaaaaaaay The Stanley Cup Playoffs Have Begun……Yeeeeeeah!”

  1. This series should be a good one…I think the Flames will give the Wings more trouble than they want. I think the Wings should still win but it will be in 6 or 7…maybe with the home team winning all of the games (Calgary is HORRIBLE on the road).

  2. Sorry, though I was born in Detroit, I now live in Tampa. With the Lightning being a seventh seed, and having won the Cup only a short time ago, I gotta root for the hometown guys.

  3. The Lightning suck. I don’t see their storm lasting long. If you’re rooting for your hometown wouldn’t that be Detroit? Or is that what you meant?

  4. Nope, gotta root for the city I’ve lived in for 30 years. The Bolts lost their first game 5-3 last night, so we’ll see.

    I don’t keep up with the sport most of the time. Just what I might catch on the news, or the front page of the sports section as i flip through the daily paper. Unless they get into the playoffs. Then the hometwon pride kicks in.

    Anyhow, I was born in Detroit (Mt. Clemens, to be exact), was a baby when I left, lived in Melbourne (FL, not Australia, more’s the pity) until I was 6, then moved to Tampa.

    But, I’m rooting for the Bolts and the Red Wings. I’ll have a melt-down if by some fluke they end up facing each other for the Cup. heh

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