So I got a chance to go see GRINDHOUSE on Saturday. I must admit at first I was like ok come on this movie is ridiculous. A girl with a machine gun leg? I quickly realized the genius in these movies. They don’t take themselves seriously. QT/Rodriguez know they are being ridiculous. So here goes.

Planet Terror: Written and Directed by Robert Rodriguez

So I missed the beginning of this one but a buddy of mine filled me in. Basically it starts out like any other Zombie movie. Without giving away any details for those of you who still plan on seeing the movie, the theme of this movie is gore and ridiculous ultra violence. Laughable at times even. The effects are rough parlor tricks used hundreds of times in older less sophisticated movies but that’s the point. These movies are as in most QT/Rodriguez movies are an homage to the movies made before them. The entire movie is rough with clips missing and constant film grain and at times off track audio. Brilliant. If you’re going to do it…do it!

Apart from all the blood and guts, there is also a great deal of humor in the movie as well in an Army Of Darkness kind of way. One of the highlights of this movie is when Sayid from LOST shows up looking like one of the extras from Pirates Of The Caribbean. He plays a scientist that has the only cure for the zombie virus. Awesome stuff. QT also makes a cameo in this movie as well.

Overall a great movie. The language and violence/gore is pretty outrageous so keep that in mind. Love scenes in this movie are held to a minimum and cut very short leaving out any detail (naked boobies) by the film melting and a PSA from the theater saying they were experiencing problems with the projector. Or a black screen that says missing film reel. Brilliant stuff.

Death Proof: Written and Directed By Quentin Tarantino (QT)

This is just a fun movie. Pretty short film but still good. If you love car chases this is your movie. Kurt Russell as “Stunt Man Mike” is awesome in this movie. Such a strange character. This movie includes one of the longest car chases I can remember and one of the worst car wrecks I have ever seen. QT also makes a cameo in this movie as well.

The entire cast is well played and believable. The Language is worse than the gore in this movie, apart from one scene. Again no nuddie stuff. Just a black screen telling you that the film reel was lost.

Overall I give GRINDHOUSE 4 out of 5 stars.


2 Responses to “GRINDHOUSE Review”

  1. DANG DID I MISS OUT ON THIS RELEASE! Easter totally took me out of commission! I’ve been dieing to see these movies. And your reviews have me totally stoked all over again.
    I can’t wait to see Kurt Russell like this again! YEAH! Any old schoolers remember: Escape from New York, Big Trouble Little China, Tango & Cash, Soldier!! Kurt used to be a complete BA and I’m digging it that QT has brought him back 🙂

  2. I plan on seeing this one too.

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