Top 5 Songs Of The Week.

So this isn’t going to be a very diverse list this week but here they are anyway.

5.”Creed” By Third Day. We are going to rock this one out on Sunday. You should come.

4. “Typical” By Mute Math. Again awesome stuff.

3. “Control” By Mute Math. Awesome lyrics. I may post these soon.

2. “Picture” By Mute Math. Never remembered hearing this song until the concert.

1. “You are Mine” By Mute Math. Again the lyrics say it all.

As always post your top 5 and buy you some Mute Math for easter!


8 Responses to “Top 5 Songs Of The Week.”

  1. the other side of something – sara groves

    above all else – vicky beeching

    i love you lord – jason morant

    beautiful news – matt redman

    objection tango- shakira

  2. Shakira…..Really? Shakira………ok

  3. 1. Against The Grain – Earthsuit

    2. A Strange Education – The Cinematics

    3. Break – The Cinematics

    4. Break Free – Hillsong United

    5. Break the Same – Mute Math

  4. A lot of breaking this week…

  5. Here’s What I downloaded this week for reasons unknown –

    5. Crazy – Gnarles Barkley

    4. Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall

    3. I am Free – Newsboys

    2. Far Away – Nickelback

    1. Hold me Jesus – Big Daddy Weave

  6. Since it’s Easter weekend, here’s a bonus 5 from this week of reflection –

    5. My Jesus – Todd Agnew

    4. Wish – Brian Littrell

    3. Much to High a Price – Larnell Harris

    2. Communion – Third Day

    1. Arise My Love – Newsong

  7. Creed – I’d love to know how that one went over. We did it a bit back and it went over awesome. People said they loved it and wanted us to do it again. The whole time, I was beating myself up b/c I felt I never did get the timing down for some of those verses!

    MUD!! Check you out with some Earthsuit!!

    5. Better Than Drugs – Skillet – this will probably be number 1 next week. Holy crap this tune kicks!
    4. You are Mine – I’m with you Superman! Ya’ll got me in a MuteMath groove again and this song always captures me.
    3. Come ye sinners – Robby Seay Band – yeah, RSB! Awesome.
    2. The Freedom We Know – Hillsong – I’m not a Hillsong fan, typically, but b/c of my number 1 pic this CD is in my truck and I don’t know if I hate this song or love it but I can’t stop listening to it!!

    1. Mighty To Save – Hillsong – new tune we’re introducing this week as a special/communion wrap up/sing a long for Easter. Love it and get to play electric and crazy wah!!

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